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Privacy policy and personal data protection statement

The Town of Slunj, according to the law, is obligated to protect privacy and personal data of a person purchasing tickets for using public tourist infrastructure and vouchers for stopping and parking in the zone of a special traffic regime (hereinafter 'ticket'). While purchasing tickets and vouchers, only general data is collected, which is necessary for the purchase only. All the data is strictly stored and is available only to the employees who need it to perform their duties. All employees and business partners are responsible for application of the principles of privacy protection and personal data protection and can not use personal data for sending commercialized messages or for marketing activities without buyer's consent.

Purchasing process

To make a purchase or file a request on these websites, a user or a buyer must provide the data necessary to complete the purchase. The user is required to provide contact information (e-mail address and, optionally, company data). These data are used to get in contact with the buyer in order to answer the questions on our website and to ensure users privacy in the control of processed purchases or entering or changing the data. The user or buyer can send a request without the data with the correct e-mail address only.

Statement on using Monri WSPay-a

The Town of Slunj ( uses Monri WSPay for online payments.

Monri WSPay is a safe system for online payments, paying in real time, using credit and debit cards and other payment methods. Monri WSPay provides safe card data entry and transmission for sellers and buyers which is confirmed by the PCI DSS certificate Monri WSPay owns. Monri WSPay uses an SSL certificate with 256-bit encryption and the TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest-ranking protection during data entry and transmission.


Payment by credit card is done through the WSPay service, one of the leading systems in the card industry. The confidentiality of your data is protected and assured by using SSL encryption.  Online payment websites are protected by using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Protocol with 128/256-bit encryption. SSL encryption is a data coding procedure for preventing unallowed access during data transmission. This enables safe data transmission and prevents unallowed access to the data during the communication between your computer and the WSPay service and vice versa. The WSPay service and financial institutions (credit card companies) exchange data using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is protected from unauthorized access. Credit card numbers are neither stored nor accessible to unauthorized persons. 


This website may contain links to other websites. Please be aware that the Town of Slunj can not be responsible for privacy protection on other websites. We encourage our buyers to read the privacy policy of every website that collects personal data. This Privacy policy is only applicable to data collected at website

Data collection and processing

In the processes of purchase, service realization and informing about the purchase, we will be using only willfully given data. We commit not to sell, publish or give your data to third parties under the conditions contrary to this statement.

The Town of Slunj collects personal data with the purpose of providing support and answering questions and complaints.

Which data do we collect

Personal data: name and surname, PID, e-mail obligatory, company data optionally (name, tax number/PID, address, town, postal code, country), license plate and country of the vehicle using the service.

The purpose of data collection

Purchasing tickets – for processing the purchase.

Transmission to the third parties

Personal data can be transmitted to third parties only on the legal basis for transmission.

For how long do we store your data

We store and process personal data only as long as it is needed for service realization.
Unnecessary personal data is irreversibly anonymized or safely destroyed.

Web shop:

Access to the online web shop is possible at the address
The data given by the buyer during the purchase is stored on a server in a data center and in an information system accessible only to employees who own an access password. The Town of Slunj advises buyers that it does not store or process credit card data or similar data on its website, but at the protected sites of Monri d.o.o. (WSPay service) done through encryption and that we do not have access to that data in its original form. You, as a buyer, can choose to keep the data on our websites permanently, but that data is not stored on our servers or our software. We advise you to read an explanation of how those websites process and record this type of data.

Where do we store personal data

The software solution provider for the Town of Slunj is the company RAO d.o.o., Bužanova 3, Zagreb whose servers are located in the Republic of Croatia, in a professional data center with all security features required (ISO 27001).

The right to erasure of the user's personal data:

A user, or a buyer can request personal data erasure at any moment. You can send the request to and the data will be deleted immediately, with the exception of storing the data for a legal obligation, legitimate interest or realization of your legal rights. We will be able to give feedback on your request only if it is sent from an active e-mail address recorded on our software with the correct data within an e-mail address (name and surname) in order to protect your personal data from being given to third parties.

The right to file a complaint

If, despite all the measures taken for personal data protection, you run into a reason for a complaint, please contact us at Besides the complaint to the Town of Slunj, you can file a complaint to the Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency.

The Town of Slunj can change the Privacy policy at any moment by publishing changed text at web shop website and on the mobile version of the website. The Town of Slunj advises every buyer to study this Privacy policy before purchasing tickets and to leave, not access and not use website if he disagrees with this Privacy policy. The Privacy policy shall enter into force immediately after being published on website and on the same named mobile version of the website. Using this website after the Privacy policy has entered into force is interpreted as if the user has accepted the Privacy policy.

Find the Decisions of Town Council and amendments and additions to Decisions at:

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